About Us

METI Gıda was founded in 2004 within leading food process experience and know-how, focusing on home consumption supplying chain. Growing its demand primarily aiming through Hotel Food Supply, expanding its supply portfolio by succession, HFS METI Gıda is recently at the forefront of its sector. As a member of Ponte Group, considering rapidly changing consumer patterns METI Gıda is taking part in services within a range of Executive Brands.

Vision & Mission

To carry into the future providing sustainable and reliable product solutions within an innovative and dynamic, efficiently managed team.

Quality & Customer Satisfaction 

Exercising due care of the Environment & People

Maintaining a high level of Customer Satisfaction

Establishing open and efficient communication

Identifying accurate demands of Customer Accounts

Analyzing demand accurately through customer product portfolios

Providing services at its highest accepted Sense of Quality

Sustaining high product quality

Just in Time philosophy in the Supply Chain of Customer Accounts

Approaching a well oriented team within an instructive focus


Ertuğrul Gazi Sk. No: 1A


Phone: +90 (0)242 462 10 18 – 462 29 22 – 462 29 29

Fax: +90 (0)242 462 10 13

Eposta: info@metifood.com

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